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As most of you know, our Featured Product assortment is primarily made up of prototype or first run colors that we’d like to move out of our inventory and also give our customers a great deal on some of our fish catching grubz. We did run this color last spring and it as quite popular and there were several great reviews from some of our customers.


This prototype color of “Emerald Shiner” is what we’re talking about. Emerald Shiner is a very clear smoke color with slight sprinklings of tiny blue and silver glitter and tiny black flakes. We feel we still have some work to do on this one, but from past reviews we know these grubz will catch a lot of fish, both fresh and saltwater.


You can purchase a bag of 25 Emerald Shiner Galida’s Grubz for $6.99 or 2 bags for $12.99. Our price has changed slightly, solely because of 3 price increases in Plastisol, the main component in making grubz.


As usual, your order for all of our Special Features can be added to your regular grub order for free freight at $25.00. Go to to order.

Emerald Shiner $6.99(25pk), $12.99(2x25pk)

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