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If you’re a Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa, and enjoy fishing, there will probably come a time when you can’t wait to take your “little one” fishing. Those first trips may start out with a very small rod and a bobber fishing for bluegill or sunfish in a farm pond or lake. Wherever it is, that first fish is so exciting. Time and experience may lead to introducing artificials, other species and maybe bigger fish. We are proud to say that we are starting our fourth generation of Galida’s Grubz fishermen. There are many families in Western PA whose grandchildren are growing up and starting families of their own. Many of these families often come forward and state they started their young ones out by fishing Galida’s Grubz and they’re passing it on.

Simply put, a very young child with a very small rod can cast a grub rigged on a 1/8 to 1/4 oz jig head. The child can be taught to keep the rod tip up high and reel back slow and steady as soon as it hits the water. If you’ve got bass, bluegill or crappie in that water, eventually something is probably going to hit that grub.


When this happens make sure to take plenty of pictures, kids grow up way too fast. From time to time, please send a few pictures of your Grub fish to us and we’ll be happy to post them. Those Barbie or Spiderman rods will be replaced with larger spin cast outfits and eventually with adult type outfits along the way. But one thing for certain, fishing Galida’s Grubz from time to time will help produce smiles and memories that will last forever.

Isabella "Izzy" Galida 


Just a few hours after a short course of “Grubz 101” presented by Mark Rose at a Kids tournament,

this young fishermen proved he was paying attention. Mark said a “slow steady retrieve” and look what happened.

This huge largemouth thought his Galida’s Grub was going to be an easy meal. The big smile says otherwise. The folks at Galida’s Grubz are proud to help provide smiles and memories. Remember to take a picture and send it our way.

Thanks for giving us a try.

Send us your photos!
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