When we decided to go forward with the new mold we started ordering a bunch of brand new prototype colors. Those prototypes were all produced on our original mold. One of these colors was asked for by some smallmouth fishermen in the Midwest. They were having pretty good success with a particular color of creature bait made by a small manufacturer out their way. We had prototypes made and lost contact with those guys and the grubz pretty much got set aside and forgotten. 


The grubz in this picture are green pumpkin with purple and green glitter. Jeff and I caught fish on them, but never came up with a name for them or fished them enough to make a final decision. 


These yet unnamed grubz are available from now till the end of April at $5.99 for a pack of 25 or 2/25 packs for $10. 

Give them a try. If you like them, send us a few pictures and your thoughts on a name.

[UNNAMED GRUBZ] $5.99(25pk), $10(2x25pk)