Pictured is one if our original grubz from back in the day.


The Clear Flake grub was a very popular color sold only in our store years ago. These grubz were very popular when used as a swimming grub, but really shined when used on active or schooling fish. They were tough to beat! Years ago when I fished the Bassmaster Trail, Lonnie Stanley, the owner of Stanley Jigs used to come by my boat and trade a handful of jigs for a handful of these Clear Flake grubz. At that time he said it was his favorite spinnerbait trailers.


After selling the store, they were no longer available. Another fellow tournament fisherman, Jerry Hanna, considered it his favorite color. He still catches bunches of fish on them. My fishing partner Jeff Barkley and I pretty much made Jerry beg for them. Sorry Jerry.


Before deciding on the new mold, this was another color we produced several thousand of for our use and a few of our friends. (Jerry included) At some point they will definitely become part of our current assortment.


These Clear Flake Grubz are slightly smaller, may be slightly off color and may have slight webbing, but they definitely still catch lots of fish. You gotta try some to believe it.


From now till the end of August you can purchase a 25 pack for $5.99 or 2/25 packs for $10.00. As usual, this purchase can be combined with your regular grub order fot free freight at $25.00.

THE CLEAR FLAKE $5.99(25pk), $10(2x25pk)