Spring and summer weather has finally arrived and things are “getting grubby”. To celebrate the fun weeks ahead, as this months Featured Product we are offering one of our most popular prototype colors, Izzy. For comparison you can see the first run prototype color Izzy on the left and our in line Izzy color on the right. The prototype is the same size and same durability, but a few shades darker, but the fish still love it.


From now till the end of June you can purchase a 25 pack of prototype “Izzy” for $5.99 or 2/25 packs for $10.00. This order can be added to your regular Galida’s Grubz order for free freight at $25.00.


For years we have been asked what type of jighead we use on our grubz? We use an oversized, strong hook with an extra sharp point and a good sized keeper to keep the grub in place. I’ve been working with a manufacturer that has sent me some samples and they look pretty good to me. The first size is a ¼ ounce on a 4/0 hook. Remember, our grubz are known for catching big fish.

IZZY-PROTOTYPE: $5.99(25pk), $10(2x25pk)