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In the early 70’s I owned and operated an early version of a Destination

Sporting Goods store. It was full of top name brands in Hunting, Fishing

and men’s and women’s clothing and foot ware. We did a lot of

advertising back then and our customers looked forward to our direct

mail sale flyers. One of our most popular was our annual Clean Sweep

Sale. It was a means of making room for the changeover from summer

inventory to fall and winter. A couple weeks ago we were presented

with a copy of one of the Clean Sweep advertisements by one of our

former customers.


With a bit of a nostalgic smile I’d like to announce a Clean Sweep

Prototype Sale. This spring we tried a Mix and Match Sale and it was

very popular with many of you. You may notice that a few colors are no

longer in the listing. Grubz from both our original and new mold will be

included. The grubz produced on our original mold will be slightly

smaller and may contain flashing between some of the ribs. The grubz

produced on our new mold will be exactly the same as grubz in our

current assortment. These prototype colors from either mold may be

slightly different than those in our current assortmentza.


From now till the end of October you can mix or match any of these

prototypes at 2/25 packs for $10.00. As usual, all orders of $25.00 or

more will receive free freight. You can also include any grubz from our

regular assortment with this order.

CLEAN SWEEP (Any 2x25 Packs - $10)

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