This month’s Special Feature is one you won’t want to miss. Anyone

throwing a Spinnerbait, Chatterbait, Buzzbait or A-rig should take

advantage of this deal. This Chartreuse Galida’s Grub was poured by

mistake. The Chartreuse color poured is pretty much the same

chartreuse color used by the majority of soft plastic manufacturers. It

will never be sold as one of our in-line colors, but it will definitely catch

fish. We have several thousand of them and from time to time they will

appear at a much reduced price as a Special Feature. Our loss is your


More and more fishermen are using our grubz as their favorite trailer.

Our design and quality of plastic help keep our grubz in place whether

your lure makes contact with weeds, lily pads, or brush. Whatever type

of structure you’re targeting you’re bound to be pleased with the

performance of Galida’s Grubz as a trailer.


From now till mid-February, this Chartreuse Galida’s Grub can be

purchased at $5 for a 25 pack or 2/25 packs for $10. This can be

added to your regular grub order for free freight at $25.

CHARTREUSE $5(25pk), $10(2x25pk)



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