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25 Pack

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Spring is finally here and things are getting pretty grubby around the country. Smallmouth, Largemouth, Walleye, Stripers, Northerns, and many other species are flat out eating our grubz. Check out our Galida’s Grubz Facebook page to see the pictures of many awesome fish that have been caught this spring. It’s true, Galida’s Grubz are making smiles and memories.


This Special Feature includes 2 of our most popular in line colors produced on our regular mold. They are Skip Jack and Izzy. They’re exactly the same as our regular in line grubz, but the only difference is these prototype colors were not quite right.


From now till the end of June, you can purchase a 25 pack of either color for $6.99 or mix or match 2/25 packs for $10.00. As usual, this order can be included with your regular grub order to get free freight on orders of $25 or more.

As usual, all orders of $25 or more will receive free freight. You can also include any grubz from our regular assortment with this order.

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Guides & Grubz 

    Being a fishing guide is one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. Not my words, but words of 3 long time friends whose names you will probably recognize. Al Lindner, Gary Roach and Babe Winkleman. All three started their careers guiding the lakes in Minnesota and all three

went on to become legends in the fishing industry. There’s nothing quite like the stress of taking money from strangers, putting them in your boat and getting everything in place for them to catch fish. Besides the guides fees, there’s often airplane flights, motels, vacation time and more invested in this day. Lots of pressure, but their love of fishing and the smiles on the faces of satisfied people make it all worthwhile.


    Below are 3 friends and local guides from Western PA.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Darl Black and Jeff Knapp for years. I’ve known Mark Rose for more than 2 years. A common thread they all have is they all sometimes fish with Galida’s Grubz. They all treat the grub as a lure and presentation that works well at certain times, like any other lure, when conditions are right. I really appreciate their confidence in my grubs.

    I am very confident that if you or your friends are looking to fish with a guide, you will probably have a great trip with any one of them. You might even fish with a Galida’s Grub. 

- John Galida


Darl Black

Darl Black and John go back a long way. When John had his tackle shop and fished the national bass tournament circuits, Darl and John fished together quite often. Articles about John and the Galida’s Grubz appeared in magazines such as Bassmaster, Fishing Facts, Pennsylvania Fishing and many others. Darl and his wife Marilyn have been using the grubz for years.


Darl guides on Pymatuning for crappies/bluegills from May to July and Conneaut Lake for Crappies, Bluegills and Pumpkinseeds from mid July to mid September. Per numerous requests he also guides for bass on Pymatuning, Conneaut and Lake Wilhelm.


Darl’s produces an up to the minute Fishing Report for all the popular waters in Northwestern PA. His relationships with a huge following of local anglers help make this possible. Darl can be reached by googling the home page of Blackwolfe Communications. Type go to Fishing with Darl Black Guide Service.


Jeff Knapp

"The Galida's Grubz is the one bait that I always have with me on river guide trips. It produces year-round.  During the spring and fall we slowly jig it along the bottom.  Big river smallies scarf it up, likely thinking it's a crawfish.  During the summer, when bronzebacks are in faster water, thanks to its deep-ribbed body the Grubz excels as a soft swimbait, often putting fish in the boat when the bite's tough.  And late fall through early winter I can count on the Grubz, with its bite-triggering paper-thin tail, to dupe river walleyes.  It's the 12-month bait, and one I'm never without!" 


Jeff Knapp is the owner and full time guide of Keystone Connection Guide . Jeff focuses on smallmouth on the free flowing (middle section) of the Allegheny River from early spring till late fall. He also targets walleye on this section as well as the lower (impounded) section. Jeff also guides for various warm water species on various waters such as Kahle, Pymatuning and Keystone Power Dam.


Jeff’s articles have appeared in several local and national magazines. He also has weekly outdoors columns In the Butler Eagle and Indiana Gazette. Jeff has been using Galida’s Grubz as a part of his arsenal for years. 


He can be contacted at:, or by calling 724-902-6082. You can also check out his website and facebook page.

IMG_0935 JPG_edited.jpg

Mark Rose

Mark Rose has been guiding as a part of a nationally known team called Bass on Line. He has been guiding on Lake Erie, Lake Okeechobee and the Florida Everglades for several years. He has repeat customers flying in to these locations from all over the country.  John's relationship with Mark began a couple years ago. While fishing Erie Bay, more than once Mark noticed John and his fishing partner Jeff Barkley catching more than their fair share of large smallmouth. 

Curiosity got the best of him and he asked what lures they were fishing with. When they answered Galida's Grubz, Mark was a quite a bit skeptical. There had to be something more to it, that little grub couldn't be all there was to it. John explained that the grub should only be considered as one tool in a tool box. Jeff tossed Mark a bag or two and

they both went on their way.


Mark eventually tried them with very marginal success. As time went on, Mark again saw John and Jeff catching fish and had to stop to learn more. They eventually gave Mark a few pointers and end result, Mark became quite a grub fisherman.  While guiding, Mark uses most of the popular lures and techniques, but when conditions are right, he often opens his toolbox and reaches for a Galidas Grub. Mark is constantly posting pictures of his smiling customers holding an oversized bass along with a package of Galida's Grubz on Facebook.

Mark usually starts guiding on Lake Erie and Erie Bay some time in April and heads south to Florida around the end of October. Mark can be reached at or calling 724-333-3898.


Will Crenshaw

“Once I found these amazing Grubz I keep one tied on year around. They work extremely well for spotted bass by fishing slowly along bluff walls and offshore ledges, and for largemouth by fishing them with a stop-and-go retrieve over grass, humps and offshore structure. One of my favorite ways to fish the Grub

is on a 1/8oz darter style jig head as a ‘follow up’ bait – after missing a topwater strike, for instance. I also use it as a trailer on spinnerbaits, swimming jigs and chatterbaits. I’ve even caught fish in a pond by rigging it weightless on an exposed hook and skipping it across the water! You can’t go wrong with these baits!”


Will Crenshaw is the owner and full-time guide on Lake Travis in Central Texas. Will guide year around, taking advantage of Texas’ 12-month fishing season. While the primary target is the 2 species of black bass, largemouth and Guadalupe bass (a sub-species of spotted bass), all fish are welcome in Will’s boat! Other fish targeted include large perch and Rio Grande Cichlids, white and striped bass and freshwater drum.

Will found Galida’s Grubz on Amazon, ordered a box and quickly learned that not only do they catch fish, but are extremely durable, notably, he caught 25 fish on a single grub in a single day of fishing! That grub is gracing his “hall of fame” wall now! He was so impressed with the bait he contacted John to inquire about a bulk order!

Will is a retired paramedic, having worked in public service for over 34 years, and currently works part-time as an RN. Will’s family includes many health care providers and service members as well.

Will can be contacted at:



Cory Elder


Fishing Charters

I grew up fishing various inland lakes and river systems in Western Pennsylvania. As a teenager, I traveled along the East Coast while competing in several bass tournament trials. From there, I fell in love with the Great Lakes region and acquired a multi-species perspective. This opened many doors for me in the fishing industry. With over a decade of time spent on Lake Erie, I continue to learn and help others. When I realized I wanted more, I evolved my fishing hobby into a career. Resigning from my previous career in the Physical Therapy field was the hardest part of beginning my new life as a career fisherman. Guiding full time on Lake Erie is where my passion to help others has driven me. I thoroughly enjoy watching a beginner or long time angler come aboard my boat and make lifelong memories. Excited to see what the future holds. We are excited to partner with some of the best names in the industry; Galida’s Grubz have found a spot in our tacklebox. They definitely have their place in our yearly lineup! A simple bait that simply catches fish. It’s nice to have baits to offer customers to utilize that are affordable and effective. Galida’s Grubz will always be a staple in the fishing industry. 

USCG Master Captain Cory L. Elder



that speaks for itself

the Grubz Brothers

 Ernie and Ken Pate. Affectionately known as the Grubz Brothers. Two of the original grubz fishermen and a big part of the success of the Galida's Grubz brand. Through the years they won literally thousands of dollars fishing with the Galida's Grubz.


A younger Mikey Knis caught this bass on a Galida's Grub. Mikey is much bigger now, and so is the size of the bass he continues to catch on grubz. Mikey is one of dozens of young fishermen that were raised fishing Galida's Grubz and continue to do so.

Bass King and Grubmaster Junior Jeff Barkley

with one of hundreds of big smallmouth he has caught

through the years on Galida's Grubz.

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